by Roger Chamieh


8 thoughts on “Corazon

  1. rynequa says:

    I’ve never seen anything like this before! Truly amazing. It reminds me of the head massage that scratches your scalp, but its cool because its a birdcage. Really neat to look at. Great work!

  2. Shannon Lane says:

    The person responsible for this structure is truely amazing. First of all it looks like it is defining gravity by the smaller part at the top and it is extendingacross the floor in a circle. Being able to us steel and make a art form where people are trying to think of the meaning and purpose of your art work. That must be amazing to create sculptures and be able to hear the feedback and perception of others with your work. Great work from the maker of this. Makes me think I can use anything and change it into art.

  3. Andrew W. says:

    This is very interesting. It really is fun to look at. It gives the illusion that the cage extends down through the floor. Or you can see it as it has grown up from the floor up to the cage. Any way you choose to perceive it, it looks great, nice work.

  4. Leslie Deloriant Garrido says:

    I like this sculpture, to me it says that even if you think you are free, you really are not.

  5. Danette Trimboli says:

    It’s pretty amazing how something so simple can look for pretty. I’m not very good at interpreting art, but I love just looking at it, and this is very fun to look at! I love antique bird cages, I’ve always thought they were beautiful, and this is like a more couture version. If Fashion Week had a bird cage segment, this would definitely find it’s home there. Any bird living there would be as glamorous as they come. The bird of all birds!

  6. zoe says:

    This is awesome . The Title is Corazon, which in Spanish means heart. I like that it is placed in a corner because the shadow reflects on two walls. the door being open symbolizes freedom to me. the bottom bars symbolizes restraint. great work.

  7. Alfonso Borrell says:

    Very cool picture. i love the reflection on the walls. It reminds me a lot of a video game i played called Bioshock Infinite for some reason. The main character is presented with a choice. Either pick a pendant of a cage, or of a free bird. The image of a cage is very powerful. I wish i could see this in person.

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