by Nick Cruz


5 thoughts on “Figure

  1. Amel says:

    I love the fact that its a woman, retro and simplistic (pant and shirt with hair pulled back) but so much detail. Symbolism for strength but with a gentle touch. A stale emotionalist expression that handles all concerns. In the outlines, I can see her move just a slight bit adjusting to what ever comes her way. A single space chair holding and providing comfort to her. I really enjoy this drawing and brings a sense of happiness and comfort to oneself in this world of complex. Thank you for sharing this piece.

  2. Dee says:

    I love this drawing but not sure why. I smiled when I saw it. Maybe it’s the colors or the simplicity of it all. What is she watching – tv, her child, her husband? Is she posing or dosing? That’s probably her signature “get comfortable” position. Thanks for sharing!

  3. rynequa says:

    I love how simple this looks. Sometimes the hardest things to create are the things that look simple. This reminds me a lot of painting i seen on a live woman that looked so much like a painting. It was by Alexa Meade i believe. But anyway, Great work!

  4. Alshebani says:

    Interesting piece of art. It could be a perfect wall picture in a living room. The style is simple, yet artistic. I can see that It resembles relaxation, comfort, and fun. With the way she is siting, I can feel relaxed and brings a smile to my face.

  5. Andrew W. says:

    This is a wonderful piece. I like the use of color for one, they are bright and fun. The form of the person and chair has been reduced nicely to a simple yet very understandable picture. You get a great sense of the person being relaxed and comfortable even without great details being added. I think this is a very nice work.

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