Interview with Paul Medrano Editor of Boss Magazine

by Sarah Edmiston

It is hard to believe that someone who was once voted “Most Athletic” in high school would one day become the creator of a fashion magazine, but that is just the case with Paul Medrano of BOSS Magazine. It was Medrano’s brother who was the fashionable one growing up, but that all changed when Medrano got a college job at a shoe store that would later change his life forever. This was the key moment that really put his life in the fashion industry into action.
At the shoe store, Medrano worked with inventory coming in the store, but he was soon promoted to buyer when the owner realized he had a sense for trends and knew how to price them accordingly. Medrano traveled to Miami, New York, and Vegas to fashion expos custom ordering merchandise. This is where he realized he had an eye for the market.
Money took the place of fashion during the next 15 years where Medrano became very successful in the stock market working for Barron Chase Securities. Medrano says of his time in the stock market, “This time took me to a whole new level in fashion. I had the money to travel to places like Miami, Paris, and New York, and see trends before they started.” With the stock market crash, Barron Chase went out of business, and Medrano found himself in South Beach looking forward to starting a new future.
This is where the idea for BOSS Magazine had its beginnings. While in Miami, Medrano came across a magazine called Ego Trip. Ego Trip was everything Miami. Everything from local fashion trends, designers, artist, and photographers were within its covers. Medrano brought the magazine to Tampa starting an Ego Trip Tampa edition. This evolved over time, and Medrano changed the name to BOSS Magazine, which has been in publication for the last ten years.
BOSS is more than just a magazine. It is a platform for the amazing art scene that Tampa has to offer. Every issue highlights local designers, models, photographers, artists, and musicians. Medrano brings each of these elements together through BOSS Magazine fashion shows and events.
Medrano host many of his events in Ybor because it is one of his favorite places in Tampa. He talks of all the talented and creative people that give Ybor an underground art scene that most are completely unaware of.
Medrano is currently working with General Davis Scott to paint artistic murals around the city, and “Cigars for the Arts,” where local artists will hand paint cigar holders and boxes. These upcoming ideas really join the heart and drive of the city into one interchangeable beat that highlights the passion, past, and future for the Tampa community.
Medrano describes the best part of what he does and what he loves about Tampa by saying: “All the friends and creative people I have met inspire me. It is not about the glamor; it is about the art and ideas, and that is what intrigues me.” Medrano’s advice for anyone wanting to get into the magazine or fashion industry: “Start getting involved with as many projects as you can to get your name out there. Your reputation proceeds you, and if you have no reputation you are nobody in this industry.”
To find more information about BOSS Magazine and upcoming events or to contact Paul Medrano, you can go to


4 thoughts on “Interview with Paul Medrano Editor of Boss Magazine

  1. Kirsten says:

    My first thought was “why can’t an athletic person be fashionable?” I find this article interesting by capturing the journey of becoming an editor of a magazine. Medrano is proof that hard work will get you anywhere you want and his advice at the end works well with this popular saying. I don’t really feel like the section about “Cigars for the Arts” is that relevant. Overall, great article.

  2. Dee says:

    I enjoyed this interview. It’s very inspiring – from a colllege job in a shoe store to making it big in the stock martket. Working in the stock market wasn’t his dream job but it situated him financially to be able to do what he wanted to do. Sometimes you just have to put yourself out there and eventually things will fall into place. He never stayed stagnant which has afforded him to travel to many places and accomplish great goals!

  3. tommyeliason says:

    I really enjoyed this article! It was an interesting story, you don’t read an article about someone who has made this transition from “most athletic” to fashion magazine creator. It was good to get a background on Medrano as well as what he is doing in the community now. Great Job!

  4. alyssambillups says:

    This is pretty cool, I didn’t even know of BOSS! It would seem to make sense that Ybor has an amazing art scene though, I gotta check it out one of these days. Tampa is a very culturally rich city, especially with Ybor and all the history here. I’m glas he appreciates what Tampa has to offer.

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