by Kelley Silverman

My Alarm Clock goes
Yawn and stretches
It is time to get up and go
I start my coffee brewing
As I sit and wait,
I notice the glorious beginnings
To the new day
Birds chirping happily-
Singing their morning song
Rising from the East,
The sky shows me its true colors
Blue, yellow, orange and even pink!
Thinking and contemplating
What will this day bring?
My solitude is broken by someone
Screaming “Mommy!”
The day has started without me saying so
There is no more time to wonder how it will go…

6 thoughts on “Morning

  1. salimjoseph says:

    Good morning! To start a new day is like a freestyle. A freestyle without having any previously composed lyrics just flowing off the top of your head. Now we might have some plans and organization, but if the beat doesn’t fit, those plans can go to shit. The morning in this poem seems like such a peaceful time. Almost like a meditation; visualizing the possibilities of the day. Until that familiar sound really wakes you up. Welcome back to reality; your responsibilities are calling. You’re awake and your peace is at rest. All you can do is hope this day will go as smooth as your morning brew.

  2. Cierra says:

    This is amazing! I love to wake up every morning with the attitude that it is a new day that will bring new adventures. This entire poem just oozes excitement, and I was smiling the entire time I read it. If more people lived with an attitude like this, the world would be a much less depressing place. Even though at the end of the poem, the tone changes slightly, I can still feel the excitement.

  3. Nicole Ratcliff says:

    Beep… Beeeepp, then snooze is how I wake up. I love this poem Morning! What a Blessing it is to hear the birds chirping and to see the beautiful colors in the sky. This poem makes you rethink complaining or being negative in the morning. I can feel all the positive energy just by reading this poem. Great poem!

  4. Allison Leslie says:

    I love this poem! Good job! This had so many literary devices built into it to make the poem stand out and catch your attention with the beep beeeep of the alarm clock. You did a fantastic job describing how your mornings go in this poem and I think many people would find this poem relatable to their mornings as well. Also your word choices fit beautiful in the poem. I love to read literature and to read poetry, I just wish I could write it as smoothly as this poem displays your writing talents.

  5. Konjit Whitaker says:

    I love your poem. It remind me my childhood mornings which was, full of life and peaceful. It makes me to wonder and analyze how our own world changed in front of our eyes. I love to read poetry which makes me picture it while I am reading. I love the way you put your words to flow smoothly. I love the ending It gave me a feeling that we can’t control what will going to happen; we just flow with it!

  6. Crystal Galloway says:

    I really feel the great energy in this poem! The way you described the morning really draws my attention. It makes me feel like, “I want to wake up like that tomorrow morning”. From the “Beep, Beep” of the alarm clock, to “Mommy” getting towards the end, makes me feel as if it were real. The line “There is no more time to wonder how it will go..” made me very interested. It is true in my normal life. You never know what will happen!

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