by Olivia Mustain


3 thoughts on “Recognition

  1. Sal says:

    It looks like rocks in the dark. I think of a cave painting that would have been left to be discovered by some explorers of the new world. Is she pushing death away? That’s what I see. The sharp lines of her eyes make her look sinister and the skeleton seems confused.

  2. Danette Trimboli says:

    I really like this piece! It’s eerie, but very cool. I agree with this earlier comment, it does have that cave painting vibe. It also reminds be of that scene in “The Lion King” when Rafiki paints the mane on Simba’s picture… Silly reference, but that’s what going on in my thought process! Still though, this is print? It looks just like a painting! Bravo with the textures and shadowy effects. Very pretty.

  3. zoe says:

    this looks like it would make for a great tattoo idea. I like that it seems as if it was carved out of rock. The woman looks as if she is covering the skeleton’s eye. The lines above the skeletons head represent he has an idea to me. perhaps she was blinding him from thinking clearly.

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