by Pam Serra


4 thoughts on “Self-portrait

  1. Shannon Lane says:

    SO this picture caught my eye but for all the wrong reasons. First I understand the theme of old wild west with the vintage look but what I dont understand is the story of the woman in the photo.She looks to be modern with the way she has her face posed in this photo. Also with the eye makeup Im not sure if she is a mime or a pin up dancer from the 1800’s. Overall this picture has me confused as to the story behind it.

  2. Crystal Galloway says:

    I do like this portrait. I like how the make-up is, because it’s not how people would normally wear it, so it shows a weird difference. From the part of the dress that I can see, it looks like it is not modern day clothing, but more old-fashioned. The fact that the portrait is in black and white shows that it expresses “back in the day” time. I feel like she was expressing herself like she had the face and giving off the energy of modern-day time, but the color and clothing are more old times.

  3. zoe says:

    This is a very unique picture. It mixes contemporary art, with modern. I interpret this picture as a woman who may be going through a transition. She has a pin up look, but at the same time her face is painted as a clown. Though it all, she still has her same personality, hints the lip pucker.

  4. Sabrina Diaz says:

    This picture is very spooky. The girl in the picture is pretty but the make up is scary. I can’t have this on my wall as a decoration but it is definitely eye catching. The theme is old times which matches her expression in the picture.

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