Sequence Poem

Sequence Poem
by Tiffany Thomas

Swamp Box Collage #3 by Justin Myers; Mixed Media

You have a you that can be seen

One that can hurt and hug
A vehicle in transport
A bag of sand falling from the clouds
That will surely splatter and cease

You have a you that drives the vehicle

One that can think and fear
A tool to navigate a temporary life
A door floating in space
Opening to the unknown
You have a you that has always been
One that knows and sees entirely
The life residing within
A wind that carries all
That will cascade across the universe…forever.

One thought on “Sequence Poem

  1. Cierra says:

    This poem is retro, in my opinion. I really enjoyed reading and rereading it so that I could understand. The most interesting part of this poem are the words “mind,” and “spirit.” Both are separated into their own lines to express the significance of the words. The poem is entirely about the freedom that your spirit and mind possess.

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