Untitled by Jerad Owens; Mixed Media

by Tiffany Sotelo

Today, I needed you more than ever…

Your voice to calm, your ear to hear my cries, your hands caressing, comforting, calming. I took that ragged, over-sized, t-shirt from the bottom drawer. I bet I’ve washed it 100 times yet I swear it still holds your scent. I curled into a ball, my knees tucked under, as if it were you holding me. Closing my eyes I could see you next to me, my head on your lap as you ran your fingers through my red curls and wiped the tear from my cheek. As I press against your body, I listen to the beats of our hearts together as one and for this one moment, I forget…
Forget the loneliness, forget the sadness, forget that just a moment earlier I didn’t want to be in this world, not one more minute.

Today, I needed you more than ever… and there you were.

8 thoughts on “Today

  1. Dee says:

    This was sort of sad to me. I wasn’t sad because of the writer’s loneliness in longing for the person she is writing about. I was sad because I don’t know that I feel like that about any loves in my past. The only thing I would change in this writing is the last line “and there you were.” For some reason, I would rather is not end on a happy note.

  2. Cierra says:

    This is an inspiring passage. I can relate to this feeling, and I do the same thing sometimes. This writing can be interpreted or applied to so many different scenarios, and in my case I relate it to the feelings I have when I’m thinking about how much I miss my sister. I will repost this on my my WordPress blog because I want others to be inspired by this passage as well.
    Thank You.

  3. Nicole Ratcliff says:

    The poem “Today” is so beautiful. The beginning of the poem I thought it was about someone who passed away. As I continued to read the poem, I started to think it could just be away a long distance relationship. The beautiful thing about this poem and any poem is everyone will have their own interpretation. The last line … “and there you were”, could represent in the person was there in spirit.

  4. alyssambillups says:

    Oh my goodness this is so sad! Everyone can relate to your pain, we have all lost someone special to us. I could never keep his shirt though, holding onto belongings makes me too sad. This is a beautiful poem and I love how you were able to summon whatever strength you needed.

  5. Konjit Whitaker says:

    Emotional yet very to inspirational in deeper level. It encourage you and strengthen your determination to pursue others. It displays hope and reclaim happiness. whatever the challenge you may be facing in life; it will be nice to have someone to depend on. I loved it, great job!!

  6. Allen Mason says:

    As a survivor of suicide, I can relate to the sea of emotions the author portrays in this passage. Even the simple thought of a loved one or just a very close friend that is no longer with us for whatever reason can very much so keep our emotions in check. What’s even more, a tangible piece of that person, in this instance the old shirt, can make a person seem as real as the object itself. In times where I feel tried or desperate, knowing I can rely on a memory as vivid as the one Ms. Sotelo describes can be so uplifting. At the very least, we feel a connection and know that the person of topic will forever be a part of us.

  7. Amanda Arismendez says:

    This is very profound and moving. I find it open and sincere, yet there is no mention of who the longed for might be. Is it a lover? a parent? And what is separating the two? Death? Distance? I have experienced great loss, and I long for those very brief moments that I can forget…

  8. Sarah Vassallo says:

    This poem is so sad yet beautiful at the same time. I understand the feeling of just having that one person you love so much be there for you when you truly need them. When I am sad or upset about anything my boyfriend knows exactly how to take care of me. It can be the simplest thing just like having a bad day at work or to the worst thing you can imagine. It is not even that they have to say anything to you but just be there with you in your time of need. I loved your poem and can’t wait to read more.

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