Within Dreams (detail)

by Austin England

Mixed Media

7 thoughts on “Within Dreams (detail)

  1. Dominique Remarkable Robinson says:

    I like this you are showing off your wild side with this picture.It looks like one of those old school floor mats that they use to have back in the 80’s. I like the fact it is so detailed and you did not have to use many colors. This piece is simple but complex at the same time.

  2. Shannon Lane says:

    Ok this drawing is sick. The artist has a few different attractions going on in this drawing that allow my eyes to roam and figure each piece out at one time. I see a wolf in one corner looking hungry. There is a mountain made out of pines and a car junk yard with a hurricane over head. I know this picture can be seen different ways but this is my way and I think this drawing is detailed and that makes it awesome.

  3. Samantha Kirrstetter says:

    This piece is beautiful and creative. So many thoughts and ideas put into one drawing, but it has very nice transition. The wolf really makes the piece, for me at least! The attitude and expression the wolf has is very intense and almost makes me feel scared. I love how the claws turn into trees and then transitions to a junk yard. The title of the drawing makes a lot of sense, my dreams have transitions similar to this.

  4. Amanda Arismendez says:

    Incredible piece, I am a fan of intricate work and this surely hits the mark. I really dig the uneven space on which the detail takes place, and I like the monotone coloring. I find that my dreams are rarely colorful and more muted, so maybe I’m not alone in that. I also like that this is completely open and abstract. It can mean whatever you interpret it to mean, but I guess dreams are supposed to be like that.

  5. Crystal Galloway says:

    I really like this picture. There is a mixture/collage of different things. I see a wolf figure holding up trees, that turns into a collage. The setting seems like it is winter. The plain background really makes the main picture stick out. It is put together quite nicely. How the wolf is holding the trees, it also can look like those can be its claws. Everything is put together very well. Great Job!

  6. Danette Trimboli says:

    This is amazing! You drew this?! I am blown away. I’ve always wished I could draw like this, but the closest I’ve ever come are stick figures. I love everything about this. It’s not a very happy drawing, there looks to be nothing but chaos. I’m no professional art interpreter, but I’d say this is a pretty powerful piece. Great job!

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